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January 29, 2016

Neil Tries Felipe and Sons Ortigas' Cut and Shave

Diversity in choices is a great thing for consumers because it gives them a choice to find the service that caters to their specific needs. With the rise of different concepts for salons and barbershops, it is only right to give each one a try to see where your needs are met.

Felipe and Sons prides itself as a 'Barberdashery' which I figured meant a one stop shop for Men's grooming! A barbershop component paired with a tailoring and merchandise component. This particular combination of concepts intrigued me and urged me to pay them a visit.

El Pueblo's vintage Spanish aesthetics compliments the goal of Felipe and Sons to Bring back Manila Swagger!

The Ambiance

From the outside, you will notice that El Pueblo screams vintage grand spanish aesthetics which compliments the goal of Felipe and Sons to bring back the old Manila Swagger which are rooted in the mixture of Filipino and Spanish traditions.

Huge mirrors and huge chandeliers make it feel like you're in a hacienda from early days of Manila.

Inside, the same Filipino-Spanish aesthetics rings true with some modern rustic aesthetics to increase the utility of the space for the barbershop services. An example would be the rustic construction of the counters and of the shelves for the haircutting tools like the scissors, shavers, mirrors and the like. You can feel the old blend with the new in this space.

Modern Rustic mixed with Grand Vintage!

The Cut and Shave

The Haircut and the shaving services is a step above the rest because this is one of the FEW barbershops I've been to in the metro that meticulously follows the four-run process when doing the skin fade. The usual tapered haircut goes for around thirty minutes while the skin fades can set you back to forty-five minutes because of the four step process. This takes a little more than half of the hair cutting time.

You will appreciate the patience and effort your barber offers when he is cutting your hair into a skin fade. The rest of the hair cutting process is mostly standard but with refinements like cleaning your fade with cotton balls and performing a blow dry at the end of the hair cut.

The shave on the other hand is a step by step process involving hot and cold towel compresses, with cream application and the actually shaving. The cream is somewhat different to what I am used to. It isn't bad, it's good but not the best I've ever had.

I enjoyed the hot and cold towel compresses and the feeling you get when the barber shaves your facial hair inch by square inch. You can feel each hair strand tingle when the razer touches and cuts each strand. It's amazing.

This wasn't even their luxury shave, and I was already pretty relaxed after it!

Their bar offers a select number of beverages while you are enjoying their services!

The Price

Haircut starts at Php 360.00 but is priced at Php 700.00 together with the shave. The shave itself is Php 450.00 while their Luxury shave costs Php 800.00. They also offer grooming packages like the cut, shave and drink for Php 690.00! Don't forget to the tip to your barber!

The Conclusion

The strengths of Felipe is the attention to the process and the details as seen from the time and the effort put in perfecting the skin fade I experienced, and to the dipping of instruments in bactericidal blue liquid at an affordable price that starts at Php 360.00! Although I have yet to try all of their products, butI found that I've experienced better shampoo and shaving cream elsewhere. This is however remedied by the wonderful service I got from the cut and shave!

So if you are okay with decent shampoo and shaving cream paired with excellent haircut, shave and massage then Felipe and Sons maybe for you!

Do you want to Contact 'Felipe and Sons?'
Makati Address: Mezzanine A, LPL Mansion, 122 San Agustin St., 1227 Makati, Philippines
Makati Contact number: (+63) 02-625-57-35
Ortigas Address: El Pueblo Real de Manila, J. Vargas Ave., cor. ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines
Makati Contact number: (+63)915-454-4551
Instagram: @Felipeandsons
Makati Operating Hours: 10AM to 9PM
Ortigas Operating Hours: 12NN to 9PM


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