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April 27, 2015

Neil Writes About: Satchmi (with Video)

Satchmi Music Lifestyle Slider Review

With a rise of the MP3s in the early 2000s, I could walk around with my whole music library. Loving music never felt so good. That is until my birthday came a couple of years ago where a reunion with my High School 'Barkada' happened and my friend Peter introduced me to his new found passion: high-end audio.  That night, he let me listen to one of his favorite albums that was in a Vinyl (the old LP records) Rip FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) format. I could hear the different guitar strums, the drum beats, the vocals, the blending and etc. DISTINCTIVELY. I was dumbfounded to discover that audio was far more complex than I had imagined.

I hated him for that because after that day I could never go back to MP3s. In a way, it was like comparing those foreign colored print textbooks with embossed text that was on thick glossy paper to the mass market photocopy like print on thin fragile paper.

Though it seemed that MP3s took over, it may never really did because Vinyl sales were stable at the time and is now on the rise and one of the major distributors of it is Satchmi and at 2014 they opened their store at the 4th Floor of the New Mega Fashion Hall at the SM Megamall complex. 

Satchmi Megamall Coffee and Music Facade Review
The facade feels very inviting!

The Ambiance

When you get to the 4th floor of the Mega Fashion Hall, you will find a store that looks like it came from the early nineties. You know the ones with the huge windows with the signs painted on the glass which are held together by wooden frames and concrete columns that surround a pair of tall bright red doors. Orange lights radiates from the inside catching your attention and inviting you inside. Whoever designed this place pulled off the blend of industrial and rustic look. It is similar to the stores you see in an episode of FRIENDS from the nineties.

Satchmi Megamall Coffee and Music Ambiance Review
Wonderful Acoustics and Warm Lighting Relaxes You

What astounds me is the blend of the wonderful acoustics and warm lighting which ends up relaxing and encouraging you to get what work you need to be done. It is a place that I find solace when I really want to be productive. I am still wondering how I can be so productive here even though they have a lot of things that can distract you. The wonderful mural and the different accents truly bring this place to life!

Whatneilwritesabout.com Satchmi Megamall Coffee and Music Ambiance Review
I wonder how I can be so productive when there are a lot of things that can distract you

 Here is a video of what you will see and of what you can do when you get there:

The Service

They carry a wide selection of vinyls from the modern to the classics. You can also reserve a copy of a vinyl should you wish to get it as soon as the next shipment arrives; however, if you are new to this you would need a turntable to play your new vinyl. They offer the Motorino turntables which cater specifically to the amateur music enthusiast in a wide variety of designs. In fact you can have the designs unique to you. They have a line of uniquely painted ones displayed. Go crazy! I mean I did, because I saw one with R2-D2, a Pokeball and a TARDIS.

Whatneilwritesabout.com Satchmi Megamall Coffee and Music Custom Motorino Review
You can have them designed unique to you. I saw one with R2-D2, a Pokeball and a Tardis!

They also carry lifestyle accessories such as high quality socks and ties. You will enjoy the texture and craftsmanship of the ties itself. If you are like me, then the only problem is that I have yet to have a tailored suit to match any of their collections. I am adding that to my bucket list.

Whatneilwritesabout.com Satchmi Megamall Coffee and Music Hand Made Ties Review
You will Enjoy the texture and craftsmanship of the ties itself!

The staff attends to your needs may it be to the music or the coffee. You will especially enjoy just sitting around, doing your work or maybe reading a book and ask about the details of some of their products. For example, I asked about the beans from the coffee they served me and the Baristas were kind enough to answer all my questions from the beans to their machine and to their own personal process. I also asked quite a bit to their sales associate about the vinyls and turntables.

Whatneilwritesabout.com Satchmi Megamall Coffee and Music Coffee Review
They are more more than happy to guide you through their different drinks and coffee beans!
At the time, it wasn't too crowded. So my Cafe Latte came within five minutes of my order. Nothing beats quick high quality service. I just can't get enough of the Winds of Winter Beans from EDSA Beverage Design Group. (to which I will write more about soon)

Here is a video of one of their Baristas showcasing their hand-crafted speacity Coffee:

The Price

Satchmi's vinyl offering starts at Php 1000.00 and maxes out depending on the vinyl itself.Their Turntables like the Motorino II starts at Php 7799.00 while the Rega starts at Php 17500.00.The Hand-Crafted Coffees start at Php 100.00 and maxes out depending on the complexity of the beverage. I personally love their Lattes.

The Conclusion

Satchmi is primarily a music lifestyle store where you are welcome to browse their wide selection of vinyls, turntables and accessories. It is also a place where you can sit down, read a book or do some work while having an amazing batch of their Specialty Coffee while listening to their high quality audio. You can also take it to-go. Whatever floats your boat. Whether you already are an enthusiast or are just curious. There is no better place than this to come and tickle your fancy.

Whatneilwritesabout.com Satchmi Vinyl Shot
While listening to their High Quality Audio

It is a wonderful place that celebrates the wonders of old and brings them to the modern times. If you are a vinyl lover then there is no question whether or not you should visit this place. Go, Go Now. However, if you are new to this and want to know more, then the staff will be there to satisfy your curiosities. If you're like me who wants to enjoy quality music with a great cup of coffee then Satchmi may be a good place to visit every now then.

If coffee is not your thing and you want to hangout with your loved ones, The Farmacy is a good choice, and with the blazing heat of Manila summer, it is the perfect place to hang with ICE CREAM!

Do you want to Contact 'Satchmi?'
Address: 4/F Mega Fashion Hall, EDSA, Mandaluyong City
Telephone number: (02) 401-6905
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 10AM to 9PM


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