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April 27, 2015

Satchmi Music Lifestyle Slider Review

With a rise of the MP3s in the early 2000s, I could walk around with my whole music library. Loving music never felt so good. That is until my birthday came a couple of years ago where a reunion with my High School 'Barkada' happened and my friend Peter introduced me to his new found passion: high-end audio.  That night, he let me listen to one of his favorite albums that was in a Vinyl (the old LP records) Rip FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) format. I could hear the different guitar strums, the drum beats, the vocals, the blending and etc. DISTINCTIVELY. I was dumbfounded to discover that audio was far more complex than I had imagined.

I hated him for that because after that day I could never go back to MP3s. In a way, it was like comparing those foreign colored print textbooks with embossed text that was on thick glossy paper to the mass market photocopy like print on thin fragile paper.

Though it seemed that MP3s took over, it may never really did because Vinyl sales were stable at the time and is now on the rise and one of the major distributors of it is Satchmi and at 2014 they opened their store at the 4th Floor of the New Mega Fashion Hall at the SM Megamall complex. 

Satchmi Megamall Coffee and Music Facade Review
The facade feels very inviting!

The Ambiance

When you get to the 4th floor of the Mega Fashion Hall, you will find a store that looks like it came from the early nineties. You know the ones with the huge windows with the signs painted on the glass which are held together by wooden frames and concrete columns that surround a pair of tall bright red doors. Orange lights radiates from the inside catching your attention and inviting you inside. Whoever designed this place pulled off the blend of industrial and rustic look. It is similar to the stores you see in an episode of FRIENDS from the nineties.

Satchmi Megamall Coffee and Music Ambiance Review
Wonderful Acoustics and Warm Lighting Relaxes You

What astounds me is the blend of the wonderful acoustics and warm lighting which ends up relaxing and encouraging you to get what work you need to be done. It is a place that I find solace when I really want to be productive. I am still wondering how I can be so productive here even though they have a lot of things that can distract you. The wonderful mural and the different accents truly bring this place to life!

Whatneilwritesabout.com Satchmi Megamall Coffee and Music Ambiance Review
I wonder how I can be so productive when there are a lot of things that can distract you

 Here is a video of what you will see and of what you can do when you get there:

The Service

They carry a wide selection of vinyls from the modern to the classics. You can also reserve a copy of a vinyl should you wish to get it as soon as the next shipment arrives; however, if you are new to this you would need a turntable to play your new vinyl. They offer the Motorino turntables which cater specifically to the amateur music enthusiast in a wide variety of designs. In fact you can have the designs unique to you. They have a line of uniquely painted ones displayed. Go crazy! I mean I did, because I saw one with R2-D2, a Pokeball and a TARDIS.

Whatneilwritesabout.com Satchmi Megamall Coffee and Music Custom Motorino Review
You can have them designed unique to you. I saw one with R2-D2, a Pokeball and a Tardis!

They also carry lifestyle accessories such as high quality socks and ties. You will enjoy the texture and craftsmanship of the ties itself. If you are like me, then the only problem is that I have yet to have a tailored suit to match any of their collections. I am adding that to my bucket list.

Whatneilwritesabout.com Satchmi Megamall Coffee and Music Hand Made Ties Review
You will Enjoy the texture and craftsmanship of the ties itself!

The staff attends to your needs may it be to the music or the coffee. You will especially enjoy just sitting around, doing your work or maybe reading a book and ask about the details of some of their products. For example, I asked about the beans from the coffee they served me and the Baristas were kind enough to answer all my questions from the beans to their machine and to their own personal process. I also asked quite a bit to their sales associate about the vinyls and turntables.

Whatneilwritesabout.com Satchmi Megamall Coffee and Music Coffee Review
They are more more than happy to guide you through their different drinks and coffee beans!
At the time, it wasn't too crowded. So my Cafe Latte came within five minutes of my order. Nothing beats quick high quality service. I just can't get enough of the Winds of Winter Beans from EDSA Beverage Design Group. (to which I will write more about soon)

Here is a video of one of their Baristas showcasing their hand-crafted speacity Coffee:

The Price

Satchmi's vinyl offering starts at Php 1000.00 and maxes out depending on the vinyl itself.Their Turntables like the Motorino II starts at Php 7799.00 while the Rega starts at Php 17500.00.The Hand-Crafted Coffees start at Php 100.00 and maxes out depending on the complexity of the beverage. I personally love their Lattes.

The Conclusion

Satchmi is primarily a music lifestyle store where you are welcome to browse their wide selection of vinyls, turntables and accessories. It is also a place where you can sit down, read a book or do some work while having an amazing batch of their Specialty Coffee while listening to their high quality audio. You can also take it to-go. Whatever floats your boat. Whether you already are an enthusiast or are just curious. There is no better place than this to come and tickle your fancy.

Whatneilwritesabout.com Satchmi Vinyl Shot
While listening to their High Quality Audio

It is a wonderful place that celebrates the wonders of old and brings them to the modern times. If you are a vinyl lover then there is no question whether or not you should visit this place. Go, Go Now. However, if you are new to this and want to know more, then the staff will be there to satisfy your curiosities. If you're like me who wants to enjoy quality music with a great cup of coffee then Satchmi may be a good place to visit every now then.

If coffee is not your thing and you want to hangout with your loved ones, The Farmacy is a good choice, and with the blazing heat of Manila summer, it is the perfect place to hang with ICE CREAM!

Do you want to Contact 'Satchmi?'
Address: 4/F Mega Fashion Hall, EDSA, Mandaluyong City
Telephone number: (02) 401-6905
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 10AM to 9PM

April 20, 2015

Bill Gates Shares a Study of a Cure for Tuberculosis(TB) Found in a 200 year old Mummy

On his official Facebook page, Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft shares a study of a cure for Tuberculosis(TB) that was recovered from a 200 year old Mummy.

Tuberculosis is an infectious bacterial disease characterized by the growth of nodules (tubercles) in the tissues, especially the lungs. Over 9.27 Million Turberculosis (TB) cases has been recorded worldwide where 55% are from Asia. In the Philippines, the National Tuberculosis Program (NTP) has achieved 70% smear positive case detection with 89% of those have been treated successfully. Yet, even with such strides, new concerns like drug resistance strains, limited audience coverage and co-morbidities (simultaneous presence of two chronic diseases in one patient) arise.

A study published in Nature Communications where a group of researchers obtained a Tuberculosis DNA from a 200 year old Mummy have found a new cure. The group was formed via the collaboration between the Universities of Birmingham and of Warwick, University College of London, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Hungarian Natural History Museum in Budapest.

For more details on the research click the link below:

Interesting research. A new cure for tuberculosis could be wrapped up in a 200-year old mummy.
Posted by Bill Gates on Sunday, 19 April 2015

April 17, 2015

Ippudo Philippines Latest Miso Akamaru Ramen Review Macro

Last October 2013, me and my siblings were able to visit Tokyo, and we stayed at a Hotel located near the busy Ikebukuro station which is a couple of blocks away from an Ippudo Branch. It was here that I first had my first Ramen in Japan. At that time, Ramen was in its early booming stage in the Philippines and I had only eaten Ramen from Mitsuyado-Seimen near Buendia, Makati and Ukokei Ramen-Ron along Arnaiz, Makati. It was a wonderful experience to see the contrast of Ramen from Japan itself and one from the Philippines.

I know, it's summer. It is forecasted to have at least 30+ degrees Celsius. I should be cooling off with something cold like Ice Cream from the Farmacy. Well, you're right, but in Japan, Ramen is eaten everyday even during their warmest climates, and let's be honest, when you crave, you crave like crazy. I assure you that after you read this article you won't regret picking one bowl of Ramen for yourself. 

Getting to the only branch of Ippudo Philippines at SM Megamall is pretty straight forward. Drive along EDSA until you Reach Shaw Blvd. You will see Two Massive Malls, the Shangri-La Plaza and the SM Megamall. Once you get there you will need to get to the Mega Fashion hall and reach the third floor where you will find yourself a huge atrium and at one end of it is Ippudo Philippines.

Ippudo Philippines Latest Miso Akamaru Ramen Review Ambiance
Bright Golds and Reds with accents of blacks and browns!

The Ambiance

You will be greeted by bright colors of gold and red with accents of blacks and browns. As you get closer, you will see a line of colorful stools with a sign saying 'Line Starts Here.' It isn't much of a surprise, most establishments that are famous in Japan really are lined-up for. Patience is a virtue as they say. 

Ippudo Philippines Latest Miso Akamaru Ramen Review Ambiance
You are greeted by this lovely queue of colorful stools!
From the outside you could tell that they used high quality materials for the design of the facade. The traditional cloth banner with the signature wooden sign of Ippudo really stands out and makes you feel like going inside a Japanese establishment.

Once Inside you notice that the design language they used are a mix of modern and traditional styles. The simple shapes and bright colors communicate modern design. It blends well with the traditional decorations like the ceramic roof plates, the traditional ramen bowls and the traditional square containers for condiments. It all feels wonderfully Japanese where in they are up-to-date but they never forget their roots.

Ippudo Philippines Latest Miso Akamaru Ramen Review Ambiance
The design language used are a mix of Modern and Tradition!

As you can see from the pictures, the place isn't tight. It has ample room for customers and waiters to move around freely. The lights are bright and the acoustics inside are sound. It can get a little noisy but not to the point where it gets annoying.

From your table you can see the kitchen and what happens inside. The steam is rising and the heads of the cooks moving energetically around as they cook your bowl of ramen. You hear them communicating with each other in Japanese cooking lingo. It is quite entertaining. The Japanese really have a knack for this.

Ippudo Philippines Latest Miso Akamaru Ramen Review Ambiance
The Latest Ippudo Philippines Offering: the Miso Akamaru!

The Food

Now, Ippudo's Ramen offerings are pretty straight forward. They have the Shiromaru Motoaji, the Akamaru Shinaji, the Karaka-Men, and recently, they introduced the Miso Akamaru. Now I know what you're thinking, What the hell is the difference between the the Akamaru Shinaji and the 'NEW' Miso Akamaru? We'll get to that in a little bit.

For now, let's talk about their offerings in general. As soon as you are taken to your seat, the waiter immediately takes your order. They explain each dish very well. They did their homework. I ordered the latest Miso Akamaru. 

I have been to this branch several times and have tried the rest of the Ramen dishes. I personally love the Shiromaru for it's herbal and earthy flavor that in itself is a balance of flavors. Not one flavor overpowers the other. This in effect is the more traditional style of ramen. 

The Akamaru on the other hand is the more modern style where in it has a refined flavor. It has this hint of spiciness that brings out the other flavors from the tonkotsu broth, the pork loin, and garlic oil. The spiciness here is soft and never gets to the point of discomfort.

The third offering, the Karaka-Men is different because of the spicy minced meat added to the soup. This blends well with the miso paste and garlic oils giving you that spicy 'kick' that some people can't get enough of. 

Ippudo Philippines Latest Miso Akamaru Ramen Review Noodles up close
The thicker wavy Noodles of the New Miso Akamaru in contrast to the thin ones from the rest of the offerings

At first glance, you will notice that the Miso Akamaru has a Miso based broth and that there are added toppings like cabbage, minced meat and chopped garlic swimming in the soup. As you pull your noodles with the chopsticks you notice that they are thicker than the noodles in the other dishes. In fact, the waitress was kind enough to explain that you can only have it at medium hardness. 

Ippudo Philippines Latest Miso Akamaru Ramen Review Gyoza
Gyoza is best paired with Ramen!
As you turn to the Pork loin (or Chashu), you see that it isn't steamed. It is torched individually and is the reason why this dish takes slightly longer to serve than the rest. As a result, you get this smokey, barbecue like flavor that perfectly contrasts the strong flavor of the miso broth and the lingering spiciness. Again, the spiciness never gets to the point of discomfort.

I generally eat my ramen on its own but there are times where in you can have gyoza to mix it up. It's something I have if I find the broth too strong for my taste. I didn't do it for any of the Ippudo Ramen.

Ippudo Philippines Latest Miso Akamaru Ramen Review Black Sesame Ice Cream
The Ice Cream is moist and creamy and you can really taste the black sesame as it touches the tip of your tongue!

For dessert, I ordered their black sesame ice cream and I was pleasantly surprised. The ice cream is thick, moist and creamy. Moreover, you can really taste the black sesame as it touches the tip of your tongue. They add a spoonful of sweet bean paste that surprisingly tames the sweetness of the ice cream that is wonderful in your mouth. They also give you squares of chocolate wafers that serve to also contrast the sweetness of the frozen delight. I was amazed that it never got too sweet whenever I mix all three in my mouth. I keep wondering how they did it.

The Service

When I first arrived at  the reception desk near the entrance, I was asked in a warm demeanour how many people will be dining with me. I was then lead to my table and on the way the staff greeted me energetically with the Japanese staple of 'Irasshaimase!'

After I had settled on my plush square dining chair, I was given their menu then I picked the Miso Akamaru and the Black Sesame Ice cream. A little under 10 minutes my Ramen arrived and It was somehow different from what I was accustomed to with the original Akamaru.

I asked a waiter for the difference in the new dish. She was happy to satisfy my curiousity and even though I bombarded her with in-detail questions she remained enthusiastic.

It brings a smile to your face when such wonderful service exists. They are keen to the little details like whenever my drinking glass would be less than half-full they would always refill it.

I truly love their Ramen and their Service.

The Price

Ramen prices start at Php 375.00 and maxes out at Php 500.00. Now I consider this price good because remember we are using Japanese ingredients and when I compare this to the prices of the Ippudo Ramen I had in Tokyo, this is cheaper. The rest of their menu like the gyoza and the ice cream starts at Php 50.00 and usually barely reaches Php 200.00. They also charge for their service. If I my memory serves me well, they charge the standard 10%. 

The Verdict

Overall Verdict: A
Food Quality: A
Food Service: A
Bang for your Buck: A-

Do you want to Contact 'Ippudo Philippines?'
Address: 3/F Mega Fashion Hall, EDSA, Mandaluyong City
Telephone number: (02) 470-1837
Facebook: Ippudo Philippines
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 10AM to 10PM

April 16, 2015

Award Winning Photographer and Author, Tony Northrup Reviews his favorite Smartphone Photography Apps

Tony Northrup is an award winning photographer, author and video instructor who's youtube channel has over two hundred thousand subscribers and has influenced my photography in a lot of ways.

I have been subscribed to his channel for quite some time. In it he has several videos to guide you in your journey into photography.

He also has written his book 'Stunning Digital Photography' where in he guides you step by step to help you get better at photography. He is so dedicated that he even updates the digital copy of his book every now and then to accommodate the latest trends in photography. 

I suggest you subscribe to him on youtube. 

On his latest video, he reviews his favorite smartphone photography apps. The first app he talks about is actually my personal favorite and is my 'go-to' app when I want to quickly edit my photographs and quickly share it to my Social Media Networks. 

So here you go, enjoy the video and tell us what you think on the comments below.

Does Birth Control Affect Your Brain

I firmly believe that a every human being should have a choice in any matter that concerns their well being. I also believe that they should be well informed before they can truly make a choice. 

So if you feel that you are easily tired, are easily frustrated and are easily vulnerable to feeling low then maybe it's your birth control. So before you decide whether or not to try taking the pill, you better know what you are getting yourself into. Thankfully Discovery News (or DNews for short) is happy to answer these questions.

See for yourself.

April 13, 2015

Jamie Oliver's Petition Screenshot

In an 2014 article from the Journal of American Medical Association it said that one-third of American adults and that seventeen percent of American children are obese. You don't need an article to tell you that there is some truth to this. In my former job as a bedside nurse, it wasn't rare to see a patient that is obese, in fact usually they are and with complications. What makes it worse is that obesity and most of its complications is preventable, yet more people die from preventable dietary related diseases than ever before.

Celebrity Chef and Foodtube founder Jamie Oliver saw that we should be doing something about this and that is why he launched the petition on Change.org to encourage governments around the world to promise and commit to teaching children how to practically grow and cook fresh and nutritious food at school. 

When I saw this on Change.org, I knew that I wanted to help with this and so can you. I signed it and right now we have passed the Six hundred thousand mark. If you feel the same way please click the link below to sign it and share it on your social network as well.


Thank You and let's keep fighting!

April 07, 2015

In my article about the Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain, I opened with my love for the 90's tv show Scooby-Doo and their malt shop. To me, being able to see something from my childhood into real life is kind of simple (and maybe kind of petty) but very powerful. In fact, one of my other favorite shows from that time was called 'Kenan and Kel' who's main cast also starred in a film called 'Good Burger.' Now the film itself won't win an Oscar, (it never did) but the idea of having a place to come back to every time you need a burger fix was real. I am a guy and there will be times when I need to have meat and occasionally that meat has to specifically be a good burger.

Back in my second year of college, my father told me about a burger joint recommended by his friend's son who was a bit of a foodie (when 'foodie' wasn't a word yet). Now my father is really picky with cuisines. He can only appreciate Filipino, Spanish, Chinese and American cuisines. And no dish epitomises American food other than the 'Burger.' You'd guess right that it was a cause to zip on out to this Burger joint, Charlie's Grind & Grill.

Charlie's Grind & Grill San Juan Metro Manila Burger, Facade Review
Quite the welcoming type isn't it?

So we set out for Ortigas avenue to look for the branch at the Ronac Art Center. It is a couple of blocks away from Greenhills Shopping Center. The Ronac art center is a uniquely beautiful building that houses several establishments on the ground floor and an art gallery above. My only true gripe with the place is that the parking lot isn't that big. It can be a hassle during high traffic hours.

Charlie's Grind & Grill San Juan Metro Manila Burger, Ambiance Review
The place resembles an American style Diner

The Ambiance

Once we got to Ronac Art Center, the sign wasn't that hard to miss. Glass for the facade and a glowing white sign that said it all. This was it. I went ahead and checked the place out. It was like walking inside an American dinner where they have a bar with stools and regular matching dining tables and dining chairs. At the edge of the room is the Charlie's Mural which showcases all of their dishes. Now don't expect this place to have that emotive ambient lighting that you find for those romantic encounters. No, this is a place for casually dining and/or casually hanging out with good company that may or may not include anything sports related.

Charlie's Grind & Grill San Juan Metro Manila Burger, Black Angus Cheeseburger Review
The Bacon Black Angus Cheeseburger!
I went back at the cashier and queued up  with my family and glared at the chalkboard menu where we were surprised to see two types of meat to choose from for our soon-to-be delectable treat: The Black Angus and the Wagyu Beef. The cashier was kind enough to differentiate but it is always better to taste it for yourself, so we ordered both. The Wagyu for me, my father and my brother and Black angus for my mother, my sister and my other brother. 

Charlie's Grind & Grill San Juan Metro Manila Burger, Wagyu Cheeseburger Review
The Wagyu Cheeseburger!
The cashier then asked if we'd like their to try the other best selling dishes in their menu. Them being the Buffalo Wings and basket of their Chili Fries. 

Now over the years we would come back to this place from time to time and we've also tried their Black Truffle Fries, their Garlic and Parmesan Fries, their Jalapeño and Cheese fries and their Dirty Fries. On the Buffalo wings side are either the Sweet, the Hot, the Nuclear, the one with Punyeta Sauce and the Reversed Buffalo Wings. The Reversed Buffalo wings has won awards and I highly recommend you try it if you like bleu cheese. They are all good but they are fundamentally the same but with little variations. It's good to try them to shake things up from time to time.

Charlie's Grind & Grill San Juan Metro Manila Burger, Sweet Buffalo Wings Review
The Lovely Buffalo Wings Sweet style with Bleu Cheese and Vegetable sticks

The Food

Let's be direct and get to the meat of the matter. The Black Angus Patties are generally bigger while the Wagyu is softer and leaner. I have had both and when you take your first bite on either you will have that distinct 'Wow!' your friends and family will take notice. The flavor literally bursts inside your mouth and you just can't help but take another bite. It really falls down to your preference. I prefer the softness of the Wagyu while my father likes the satisfaction from the volume of food he eats. 

Dripping with sauce, the buffalo wings was just begging to be eaten. So I grabbed it and gave it my first bite. And damn, with each bite it gives me that wonderful crunch sound that is both intoxicating and satisfying. 

After finishing the first wing I noticed the bleu cheese sauce where I was suppose to dip the chicken. The result is the balancing of the sweetness/spiciness of the chicken with the cheese's subtle saltiness. The vegetable sticks are there to reset or cleanse your taste palette should you find it too sweet or too spicy. 

Soon there after the chili fries arrived. The chili is thick with sauce and ground meat teasing you with surrounding smell of pepper. The fries itself have that attractive brown caramelisation that just tells you 'I am going to ruin your diet.' It did. It was totally worth it though. I keep telling myself that.

Charlie's Grind & Grill San Juan Metro Manila Burger, Chili Fries Review
Light in spiciness yet full in flavor, the chili cheese fries is a worthy diet breaker
Of course, their menu is quite diverse they even have Snap dawgs, Fish and Chips and Fish Sandwiches. I have yet to taste them all but most of the times I find their dishes are good. They also have a variety of Beer selection like my personal favorite the Japanese Hitachino Nest that was made with the sake brewing process and the Scottish Tennent's Scottish beer that was aged in Whisky Oak.

P.S. I have been coming back to this lovely establishment from time to time since I first arrival. Recently, I have found some inconsistencies. I went with my friends the month before this was written and we found that there were parts of the burger where it was too salty. The seasoning was uneven, yet the parts that weren't over seasoned were still amazing. Also, one of my lovely friends, also went there recently and told me that she found her burger dry. I hope they remedy this because I have always loved this place and I wish I won't have to find for another. 

The Service

The receptionist/cashier is patient, kind and knowledgeable enough to guide you through each dish to help even the more fickle and the more picky clients. The waiters are warm and receptive for additional requests like a tissue pack, a jug of water or a simple table clean up. They even have TVs for sports events. In fact it is a good place to call your sports bar should you need to watch FIBA, FIFA or the next Pacman Brawl.

They are one of the seasoned staff around. The food is great and it is accompanied with great service.
In fact, they want to cater to each customer's preferences that they have a fridge just for desserts, beer, and condiment sauces! I mean just look at those: the American sauce, the Russian sauce, the Aoili, the Ketchup and the Mustard.

Charlie's Grind & Grill San Juan Metro Manila Burger, Condiments Review
Aioli, Russian, American, Mustard, Ketchup and Salt and Pepper

The Price

The standard Black Angus cheeseburger will set you back for Php 200.00 while the Wagyu cheeseburger will set you back with Php 10.00 premium over the former. Every other burger is a variation of these and will have a corresponding additional premium. The other dishes like the different french fries, chicken wings and other sandwiches will set you back with a range of Php 105.00 to a max of roughly Php 300.00. Now considering the quality of the food, I am very much willing to pay two-hundred for a good burger fix.

The Verdict

Overall Verdict: A
Food Quality: A
Food Service: A-
Bang for your Buck: A

Do you want to Contact 'Charlie's Grind & Grill?'
Address: G/F Ronac Bldg., Madison St. Greenhills San Juan
Telephone number: (02) 477-5021
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 10AM to 12.30AM

April 03, 2015

Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain, The Fort, Global City, Rocky Road Sundae, Review

Like any 90's kid, I was a bit of a trouble maker who loved cartoons. So much so I couldn't stop watching television. It got so bad that on my exam week, my wonderful father had to duct tape a huge illustration board on our Sony tube (or was it Panasonic? Never mind.) just to stop me from my obsession.

One of my favorites at the time was Scooby-doo. I could never get enough of those 'meddling kids and their mutt.' In fact one of the more common themes is that you would always find them hanging out inside the 'Mystery Machine' and inside the 'Malt Shop.' A malt shop or a soda shop is where kids get their soda and confectionary fix. You know, to get high on sugar or in this case to cool off from the summer heat. So visiting the 'Farmacy' sounded like a good idea for cooling off and for nostalgia reasons.

Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain, The Fort, Global City, Classic Sundae, Review
Farmacy's Classic Sundae: Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry Ice cream topped with nuts, syrup and of course, cherry!

The timing couldn't be better because the thing about summer in Metro Manila is that you know it has arrived when you feel that lingering hot air on the surface of your skin like the air around a loaf of bread fresh from the oven. According to Google Now, the temperature at the time was 34 degrees Celsius. So as much as I wanted to return to 'Silantro,' I think the spicy food can do more harm than good.

Farmacy is located at the corner of 4th and 26th street at the Fort, Global City. It wasn't that hard to find. From St. Lukes' Global City, go straight along 5th street in the direction pointing to the nearby McDonald's. You then turn left on the 26th street and then stop at the corner.

Once you get there, you will be greeted by a neon sign saying 'Farmacy Ice cream and Soda Fountain' with wooden picnic tables and chairs like the ones found in 'Wild Flour Cafe + Bakery.'
Yes, I believe they have the same owner. Decadence, I think is their specialty.

The Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain Neon Sign!

The Ambiance

After being greeted by the neon sign, Me and my family were received warmly by the Farmacy staff. I went on ahead and let my family seat while I look around. I found myself in front of the glass doors where I can see the long bar where the ice cream and soda fountain stands. As I go inside and look around, I immediately was made even hungrier by the smell of the sweet stuff lingering though the air. 

The look of the place reminded me of those stores from American period films from 70s and from 80s. It is quite the delight if you are into those things. You could tell that they spared no expense in terms of aesthetics. 

I came back to our table and I was given their classy period style menu with matching typography. I noticed that majority of the seats were outside because you come here for are the cold beverages and the cold desserts and being inside an air conditioned room could help drop your body temperature further.

Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain, The Fort, Global City, Prescriptions Review
The Period style aesthetics is top notch!

The Food

For the past few years dessert focused businesses have been popping up everywhere, and every time a new one arrives the decision of finding the one place to get your decadent fix is getting harder.

The answer lies in the details and the Farmacy spares no expense in their Ice Cream. In terms of flavor, the strawberries are fruity sour. The chocolate is bitter sweet with hints of (what I think is) hazelnut. The coffee flavor isn't too strong, and has a nice kick in both flavor and buzz. The consistency is so creamy that they just melt as soon as they touch the tip of your tongue. 

Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain, The Fort, Global City, Pick-Me-Up Review
The Pick-Me-Up Sundae is a good way to recharge! Coffee flavored Ice cream with Nuts and a shot of espresso.

All of it comes together like a group of ballet dancers having a recital in your mouth. With each scoop, the recital in your mouth is slowly building up to the climax. After a while, you wonder whether its just the ice cream or the endorphins flooding your blood stream. (It could be both.)

They also serve Ice cream sandwiched between two cookies (I know, Genius right?) that you pick when you order. We picked the Chocolate cookies. After we took that first bite we immediately felt the chocolate in the cookies flooding our mouths and then slowly it blends with the ice cream creating a wonderful argument between the sweetness of the ice cream and the slight bitterness of the chocolate. What stood out aside from that is the hardness of the cookies. We understand that the cookies have to be a little sturdy so as the ice cream won't make the cookie crumble. Maybe I should have let the Ice cream soften the cookies. Next time.

Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain, The Fort, Global City, Dusty Road and Berry Soda Float Review
On the left is the Dusty Road Sundae and the Berry Soda float is the one on the Right.

My dear sister ordered the berry soda float. When you take that first zip, the realisation that commercial sodas are too sweet hits you like a brick. It's like a bubbly berry fruit juice but with its sweetness restrained. Restrained in a very good way. It doesn't over power anything. In fact, it blends so well with the berry flavor that when the Ice cream melts (or when you mix it vigorously) the soda slowly becomes more creamy, and since the sweetness was restrained, you don't lose the berry sour goodness.

What takes the cake however is after consuming all of it. Normally, We noticed after eating SOME of the ice cream found in grocery stores is that after finishing my share, We still found our selves wanting even though we ate a pint all for ourselves. It was empty. After finishing this ice cream however, You'll be happy to hear that it is quite satisfying.

Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain, The Fort, Global City, Banana Split Review
The Classic banana split topped with whipped cream, peanuts, chocolate syrup and cherry!

The Service

When we arrived were right away greeted warmly. As we were lead to our table, it was a little disappointing that we were seated at mono block tables and chairs where as every body else were given the wooden picnic tables and chairs. I hope they remedy this. 

Thankfully they waited patiently. It took us a while to finish ordering but we made it. After eating we had several refills of water. Sugar can cause dehydration. They would then deliver the water refills promptly every time. 

I have read some reviews of this place saying that the service are at times inflexible. I didn't find it when I was there. I sure hope not to find it next time.

The Verdict

Overall Verdict: B
Food Quality: A-
Food Service: A-
Bang for your Buck: B-

Do you want to Contact 'Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain?'
Address: G/F Net Lima Bldg, 4th Ave. cor, 26th St., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Telephone number: (02) 887-3622
Operating Hours: Mon-Wed: 11AM to 12PM; Thu-Sat: 11AM to 2AM; Sun: 10AM to 10PM

P.S. Personally, I find this place as an alternative to meeting your friends or special someone aside from the usual coffee or tea rendezvous. If you just want something a little less pricey, you could just drop by your grocery and buy a couple of pints of Ben & Jerry's. It is cheaper and Ben & Jerry's do have a wide Selection. I would only come here if I were out with my friends and just want to chat and cool off. Don't get me wrong though, I like this place. I am just being practical. 
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