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June 14, 2016

Neil Reviews Talas Manileño at Cubao Expo!

Change is a difficult reality that is inevitable yet people seek it. A good example was the 2016 Philippine Presidential race where huge change was voted by the people. Some on the other hand want a change where they can bring back some of the lost arts. One of them are the people behind 'Talas Manileño' where they seek to bring back the elegance of male Manileño grooming.

Knick-knacks from the passions of the owner of the shop!

The Ambiance

Talas Manileño can be found along the Cubao expo arcade. It is distinct because of its dark blue color with a folding chalk board outside that  proudly reads their services.

The inside is reminiscent of an 80's style apartment complex where wood and cement are used extensively.

The beverage bar at the second floor!

As you enter the ground floor you see the three barber-chairs on the right and the reception desk on the left. The hair was sink and the stair case at the back. On the second floor are two more barber-chairs, a seating area and the beverage bar where they serve your chosen drink along side your chosen service.
Classics are unbeatable!

The Cut and Shave

The Haircut and the shaving services is a step above most because of the owners and the barbers adherence to the classics of simple, elegant cuts, shaves and styles. All the barbers listen to your requests and to your preferences that you will feel at home immediately.

The shave follows their same adherence to the classics. It was slow and meticulous as I could feel the sensation of each strand of hair on my jawline being chipped one by one. It was an amazing feeling knowing that your barber is carefully trimming and massaging your beard.

In fact, the barber themselves will recommend and will teach you tips on how to shave or how to maintain your beard/moustache.

I enjoyed their services quite well and I couldn't help but notice their spray bottles were used from recycled Ginebra Gin bottles! I was so sold by this that I said 'Iyan ang tunay na Manileño!'

'Iyan ang tunay na Manileño!'

The Price

Haircut and wash starts at Php 280.00 but is priced at Php 570.00 together with the shave. Their Signature service, the Manileño is a haircut and wash with your chosen drink which is priced at Php 450.00. While the Talas Batangas is a shave with your chosen beverage priced at Php 470.00

The Conclusion

Talas Manileño is the place to be if you want that classic Filipino grooming made famous by our national heroes like Jose Rizal, Emilio Aguinaldo and the Luna Siblings. They are the best at bringing those classic styles to the modern Manileño and I highly recommend their services!

Do you want to Contact 'Talas Manileño?'
Cubao Expo, 38 Gen. Romulo Ave. Brgy. Socorro, Cubao Quezon City
Contact number: (+63)917 503 1842
Instagram: @Talasmanilenyo
Operating Hours: 1PM to 9PM


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