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October 10, 2016

The Australians are known for their quality coffee and amazing customer service that it was difficult for Starbucks to enter the Australian market. So when we heard that an Australian coffee company was entering the Philippine market caught our attention immediately because we felt that it has the potential to add more value to the coffee experience the Filipinos deserve!

Located at Pearl Drive!

The Ambiance

Marcel's interior design emphasizes on elegant lines and accents that stand out. These accents vary from old world and from the modern world. These are made mainly of concrete, wood and steel. Thei colors also stand out with bright yellows, oranges and blues that catch your attention and brightens your mood.

Diligence is a virtue!

The Coffee, The Beverages and The Service

The entire speciality coffee experience is affected by several factors. A couple of the factors I find important are the beans or the blend and the barista's skills. The blend itself will manifests on its own from the cup but can change and will reflect the skills of the barista.

What I find compelling about Where's Marcel's coffee are their blends. Especially the 'Evolve' blend which is the most balanced blend I have ever had. I mean this in terms of the different flavors, the textures, the body and the acidity. So In choosing your ideal cup, I recommend trying the same drink from the different baristas and find that cup that resounds to you the most.

By mhille
They pride themselves with their crop to cup service ethical responsibility and their authentic Australian roots. They make sure that their farmers and the environment is taken cared of while their beans are blended and roasted in Australia and shipped to their branches while maintaining the best quality beans as possible.

The Revel Bar!

Aside from the usual espresso based beverages, they offer hot or iced teas, pressed juices and ginger beer. For non-beverages they have a selection of smores and sandwiches that will cater to your appetite and will partner well with their coffee. I personally love their s'mores.

Iced Green Tea!

 The Price

Espresso starts at Php 100 while the Iced White will set you back Php 150. A mocha is Php 160 while the Matcha Latte is Php 160. Their drinks are priced in between the Php 100 to Php 200 range. The Sandwiches ranges from Php 125 to Php 200 while their sweets ranges from Php 25 to Php 200.00 All are reasonably priced and you won't find anything here that will hurt your pockets. 

Overall I love their cappuccino and bulletproof coffee! I highly recommend trying the balanced evolve blend and find the barista that can brew a cup to your specifications! See you on the next one!

Do you want to Contact 'Where's Marcel?'
Address: The Pearl Place, Pearl Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines
Telephone number: (02) 535-0621
Instagram: @WheresMarcelPH
 Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 7AM to 10PM; Sun 7AM to 4PM

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