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April 13, 2015

Health Alert: Jamie Oliver Needs Your Help Fighting for Food Education!

Jamie Oliver's Petition Screenshot

In an 2014 article from the Journal of American Medical Association it said that one-third of American adults and that seventeen percent of American children are obese. You don't need an article to tell you that there is some truth to this. In my former job as a bedside nurse, it wasn't rare to see a patient that is obese, in fact usually they are and with complications. What makes it worse is that obesity and most of its complications is preventable, yet more people die from preventable dietary related diseases than ever before.

Celebrity Chef and Foodtube founder Jamie Oliver saw that we should be doing something about this and that is why he launched the petition on Change.org to encourage governments around the world to promise and commit to teaching children how to practically grow and cook fresh and nutritious food at school. 

When I saw this on Change.org, I knew that I wanted to help with this and so can you. I signed it and right now we have passed the Six hundred thousand mark. If you feel the same way please click the link below to sign it and share it on your social network as well.


Thank You and let's keep fighting!


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