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June 05, 2015

Neil Writes About The Curator Coffee and Cocktails (With Video)

Neil Writes About The Curator Coffee and Cocktails (With Video) Slider

I have heard of a coffee shop that serves #YKW coffee beans that is hidden at the heart of Legazpi Village right across the Park, but you won't find it if you weren't looking for it. Like any other day it was time to satisfy my curiosity so I set out to find this hidden coffee oasis.

Once you see the Cyrano Wine Shop along Legazpi you may find yourself a little confused because the wine shop itself isn't too big yet you will find the standard sauvignons and merlots on the shelves, but soon after you will notice a normal sized bright brown wooden door at the edge of the room which appeals to your curiosity and pulls you in and as you open it, you will find yourself into the Curator!

Neil Writes About The Curator Coffee and Cocktails (With Video) Ambiance
The wood from the upholstery and the bar and the artworks are sourced locally sourced

The Ambiance

The Cyrano wine shop's aesthetics is your typical store with huge windows and with huge shelves to accommodate their wide selection of wines, but once you see the Curator you will be surprised by the total departure from that design language where there are a lot of textured concrete with accents of steel pipes, steel switches and wooden upholstery. It is a modern take on concrete rustic look which amazingly is classier than the sum of its parts.

The wood from the upholstery the bar and the framed artworks and the art themselves are sourced locally which is a reaffirmation that Filipinos are capable of world class craftsmanship that leaves you smiling whenever you sit down and relax at this place


The Coffee, The Cocktails and The Service

Similar to Satchmi, they get their beams from #YKW, so EDSA Beverage Design Group staples like the Winds of Winter, Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe and the Panama Carmen Estate are present which in my book is already a winner. All that's left is whether their machine and their baristas are up to par.

As I've had my Ethiopia from EDSA once before I already had my expectations set; however, I was surprised that the signature fruity flavor at the end which I am not a big fan of wasn't as strong as I remembered. I liked it and with that two-thirds of the equation is set!

Neil Writes About The Curator Coffee and Cocktails (With Video) Table and Seating

I then asked the kind baristas as to how this was so. Apparently, It is still up to how the barista who calibrates and who prepares  the ingredients. I promptly asked for the barista who calibrated and praised him.

This wasn't the first time that I had a lot of questions and Giann, Sonny and Ivan were all very kind to accommodate my curiosities and observations with regards to the beverages and the coffee. Their passion for their craft really shines as they patiently listened and answered my queries with out fail. It came to the point that they let me inside the bar and let me try making my own espresso.

Neil Writes About The Curator Coffee and Cocktails (With Video) Victoria Arduino
It immediately catches your eye because of its copper color and Steam Punk Aesthetics!

Their machine is the Italian made Victoria Arduino which immediately catches your eye because of its copper color and steam punk aesthetics. It was wonderful to take her for a spin even though it was just pulling the huge lever that made a clicking sound to tell you it's done.

As for the cocktails I was only able to try their latest creation, the Shako-WHAT-o which at the time was only three days old. It was an amazing creation that was made from different ingredients and their home made cold brew which the only draw back was the fact that I couldn't sleep that night which could be a huge appeal for some people.

Neil Writes About The Curator Coffee and Cocktails (With Video) Shako-WHAT-o
The Chakawhato is made with several ingredients along with their home made cold brew!

I am already finding reasons to come back so I can try the following: the Catcher, the Miss Gardner and the Rye 'n Gosling. I hope to come by again real soon.

The Price

Their coffee starts at Php 120.00 while their juices and cocktails start at Php 250.00 and can max out at Php 800.00 per drink. They also serve a variety of coffee partners like Beef tapa Brioche, and the Doughdealer Cookies that start at Php 90.00 where it can max out at Php 450.00 like the chiken Pastel.

A showcase of their Barista's Skill at Latte Art!

The Verdict

Overall Verdict: A
Beverage Quality: A
Service Quality: A
Bang for your Buck: A

Do you want to Contact 'The Curator Coffee and Cocktails'
Address: 194 Legazpi St. cor. C. Palanca St., Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone number: (+63) 916-355-4129

Website: www.thecurator.com.ph
Instagram: @thecurator_

 Operating Hours: Mon-Thurs: 7AM to 2AM; Fri-Sat: 7AM to 3AM; Sun: 7AM to 6PM


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