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July 08, 2015

Neil Writes About Department of Coffee PHL

Neil Writes About Department of Coffee

Before one becomes the master, one must first be the student. Shortly after I became eighteen while I was earning my college degree, I was getting burned out for studying anything related to it. I set out to make the most of my spare time by delving into other studies and curiosities. I have always been curious and earnest in learning new and different things. Most of the time I would find something interesting but find that it wasn't for me. It was fun but nothing compares to finding something that you are passionate for.

Learning about specialty coffee was one of those things, and at first I hated the idea of spending at least Php 150.00 for a cup of coffee from Starbucks. My resolve mellowed down after a couple of years where I started to like it but then grew sick of it because of sugar fatigue. I then tried the CBTL but it ended up the same way. 

Neil Writes About Department of Coffee Ambiance
Black Painted Steel and Varnished Wood evoke a modern version of a Log Cabin

A couple of months later I met a business consultant that predicted that the third wave coffee businesses will be the next big thing. It was then did my curiosity piqued because I recalled that when I was in Seoul Korea for some time and one of the things that left a huge mark was that there were coffee shops on almost every block that I went to. 

Months passed and I saw the business consultant's prediction come to fruition. Multiple establishments that are, and that promote coffee businesses have appeared. All of them are here to stay.

Neil Writes About Department of Coffee Ambiance
Wooden Animal Silhouettes and Animal horn trophies add to the Log cabin feel

It was then that I saw Department of Coffee's signage along Wilson St. whenever I went home coming from Greenhills Shopping Center. It was here that I got to taste my first specialty coffee. It also helped that the owner was there to teach and explain to me that coffee was far more complex than I had thought. He said that each origin has a unique flavors which I had to know to find the beans that would suit my tastes. At the time I only knew that I didn't like strong fruity flavors and high acidity. He recommended the beans from brazi; hence, my very first specialty coffee was a mocha Brazilian latte.  Sadly at the time they were moving to Tomas Morato which is a little far from my usual hangout spots.


The cool people of DOC has been kind enough to open the opportunity to make a simple how-to video of coffee you can brew at home. We made two using the more home-friendly methods of brewing with a french press and with the manual pour over method. You can check them out on these links: French Press and Pour Over.

Neil Writes About Department of Coffee Ambiance
They have a second floor for groups who prefer privacy!

The Ambiance

DOC's aesthetics is a wonderful combination of rustic and modern. The use of black painted steel and the thick varnished hard wood with accents that you would find in a log cabin. It strikes a balance between homey and productivity. Although at times it feels like I'm in the woods.

When you step inside you will see the wonderful counter with the huge La Marzocco Strada. It is an awe inspiring piece of machinery if you've ever seen one. The kitchen is behind the counter with a huge glass panel that lets you peak inside.

Right beside the counter is their huge coffee bean roasting machine. Behind it are wooden cut outs of animal silhouettes that serve contrast to the grey walls.

Neil Writes About Department of Coffee Ambiance
A conference room for a more intimate affair

The Coffee, The Food and The Service

They serve beans from international sources like Brazil and Ethiopia and from local sources like Benguet. It just so happened that my latest cup is a Benguet Cappuccino.

Neil Writes About Department of Coffee

Less than ten minutes after we coordinated our order with their lovely waitress, Karen, the cups came and immediately you get a whiff of intoxicating aroma of the coffee. It was lovely and evoked a "I want to get to work" state in me.

As I take my first sip, I notice right away the smooth transition from the initial distinct coffee bitterness to the sweetness of the beans and then to milk seemingly taming the fruity flavor of the beans.

When I started drinking speciality coffee, I really hated the fruity taste. I would praise the baristas who are able to tame that flavor and bring out the others to make a balanced beverage. After a while, I began to realize that I am warming up to it. I still don't like it but I feel that it is a inevitable part of the coffee experience. I owe my first foray into this world because of the passionate owner of Department of Coffee and I highly suggest you try as much beans as you can until you find that one bean you can bring home to your mother to.

The Price

Their coffee starts at Php 80.00 and max out at Php 120.00. They also serve home made ice cream for Php 30.00 per scoop,coffee partners like cookies, and breakfast dishes like eggs Benedict.

The Verdict

Overall Verdict: A
Beverage Quality: A
Service Quality: A
Bang for your Buck: A+

Do you want to Contact 'Department of Coffee'
Address: 87A Don Roces Ave, Kamuning, Quezon City
Telephone number: (02) 374-6194
Instagram: @departmentofcoffee
 Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 7AM to 11PM


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