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December 17, 2017

Vivo Celebrates The Holiday Spirit With New Video!

The holidays have always been a large part of the Filipino's lives so Vivo Philippines celebrates the holiday spirit with a new video depicting a touching story of a children, their mother and the husband and father from the war.

Happy Holidays from Vivo!

The story centers on the grieving wife who tends to her children on Christmas eve when a group of carolers serenaded them with their rendition of 'Silent Night' outside their home. Inside the grieving family's home is fully flushed noche buena with gifts that welcomed these carolers. 

However the family's feelings were stirred because of the solitary portrait of the father of the home-a soldier who gave his life fighting for peace in the war.

This holiday video from Vivo became viral and garnered more than 780,000 views with more than 4,200 shares and near 41,000 likes within six days of its release from the Vivo Philippines facebook page. Because it focused on family, the holidays, togetherness and gratitude, Vivo's Holiday video hits home for many Filipinos.

The comments section abounds with emotional sentiments with messages of gratitude for the soldiers who fought to re-establish peace in Marawi. Some of the comments even expressed gratitude to Vivo for “giving [the audience] an avenue to thank the ones who enabled them to celebrate Christmas in peace.” “very meaningful and heartwarming! a tribute to all our soldiers and father! hats off to Vivo management for making this short film.”

You can watch the video with this link: HERE

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