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October 05, 2015

Neil Writes About Lazy Bastard's Bacon, Hotdogs and Burgers!

Neil Writes About Lazy Bastard's Bacon, Hotdogs and Burgers! whatneilwritesabout.com

When the arrival of craft coffee, craft ice cream or anything craft for that matter came, it was only a matter of time did I question when would some craft or at least new creative sandwiches would arrive in the metro. Lo and behold when I heard that an establishment was cooking some good hotdogs and burgers that uses BACON fat, well you could say I was intrigued. 

Neil Writes About Lazy Bastard's Bacon, Hotdogs and Burgers! whatneilwritesabout.com
Enough Said

Lazy Bastard is located at the corner of Galaxy and Jupiter St. Bel Air Makati which is surprisingly where one of my favorite Ramen, and one of my favorite Japanese Bakery is located. (Mitsuyado and Yamato Bakery) It is conveniently located at the basement with the entrance at the back side of the building. The parking is one of the problems that I have encountered here.

Neil Writes About Lazy Bastard's Bacon, Hotdogs and Burgers! whatneilwritesabout.com
Hidden entrance at the back of the Building!

The Ambiance

The Facade is hidden because it is at the back of the building, but you won't miss the huge sign that says 'Bacon and Burgers this way ->' As you walk down the stairway you notice the prominence of British subway inspiration.

As you open the door you see a hallway with a couple of tables on the right and a bar with stools on the left. At the end of the hallway is where you order and pay.

It feels like a hole on the floor restaurant which I think is the best thing for this kind of place which is an eat and go place. It isn't that big so you're encouraged to enjoy your food at a faster pace but not to the point of rushing that it makes you gag.

Neil Writes About Lazy Bastard's Bacon, Hotdogs and Burgers! whatneilwritesabout.com
The Kimchi Dog!

The Food

They are very proud of their creations that I can't help but praise them. What you will notice in all their items is that they use bacon fat when they cook some of the ingredients, and they use potato bread that is softer than the normal buns but have this light sweetness that really compliments the salty bacon or the peppery burger patty.

As you receive your dish and for some reason you added bacon, you will notice how generous their serving is. In fact, If you look closely at the burger picture you will see that they didn't separate the strips of bacon, it was a batch of it. I however found the bacon to be a little saltier to my preference but that wonderful crunch is still there!

Neil Writes About Lazy Bastard's Bacon, Hotdogs and Burgers! whatneilwritesabout.com
The Bacon Cheeseburger with that generous serving of bacon!

The burger's buns and condiments are as fresh as they can be, and when you take that first bite you immediately notice the light sweetness of the soft buns blending with the vegetables, the condiments and the peppered patty. They advertise that their patties are a little on the peppery side, and I think it is a matter of preference but I found it intense enough for me to want a little less of it.

What really blew me away was their Sloppy Joes! So far it is the best one I've ever had in the Metro and I highly recommend you try it.

Nearly half a paper bag full of fries!

They also have add-ons so you can add an extra patty, extra cheese, extra jalapeno or etc. for your preference. They also have a promotion where in you just add Php 90.00 and you get to choose from French fries, Onion Rings and taters and pair it with your dishes with your chosen beverage.

When it comes to french fries, McDonalds is the standard and I am happy to tell you that I think their fries is a little bit better than McDonalds and their serving is quite generous where I got nearly half a paper bags worth of it.

The onion rings on the other hand was good. The outer layer was well season and crispy while the inner onion ring was still fresh but with hints of caramelisation and no sign of getting burnt.

Neil Writes About Lazy Bastard's Bacon, Hotdogs and Burgers! whatneilwritesabout.com
Those Crispy Onion Rings!

The Service

The people were kind are always ready to listen to your requests and suggestions. The lady at the cashier made it so easy to pick which dish I wanted as she was wonderful at explaining the differences between each dish.

I did find their cooking time inconsistent. There were times where it would be done in ten minutes but there were times where I waited for twenty minutes until I got my order.

Some people may also find the place a little small, and I think this place is just for when you want to just eat your food and go, not the place you would like to sit down and have a long conversation.

The Breakfast Sandwich!

The Price

The sandwiches starts at Php 150.00 on wards! The Sloppy Joes with the Php 90.00 combo is the best deal for me. I would also add some Jalapeno and damn. It roughly cost around Php 300.00, and I will not regret it. 

 The Verdict

What We LIKED:
  • Ambiance is for I just need to eat good food and be on my way
  • The Buns are soft and flavorful
  • Bacon Serving is generous
  • Condiments are fresh
  • Arguably one of the best Sloppy Joes in the Metro!

What We Almost LIKED:
  • Those who are looking to sit down, eat and talk for a while won't like it. (They can move to the secret bar right next door
  • Burger Patty was to my preference too peppery while the bacon was generous but was a little too salty
  • Inconsistent serving time. Can vary between 10 to 20 minutes.

Do you want to Contact 'Lazy Bastard PH?'
Address: Basement Floor, 22 Jupiter St. Corner Galazy St. Bel Air, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone number: (02) 832-5330
Facebook: Lazy Bastard's Facebook Page
Website: www.lazybastard.ph
Instagram: @lazybastardph
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 11AM to 3AM


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