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October 13, 2015

Neil Writes About Oyasumi Ramen

Neil Writes About Oyasumi Ramen

With the rising number of Ramen establishments in the Metro, it is becoming difficult to find a unique experience that captures your own preference. I am aware that each province in Japan has their own style that resulted into thousands of variations which makes it difficult to find time to try them all.

I am fortunate enough to find a Ramen Place that is near to where I reside and is unique enough to warrant a visit every now and then. We write about Oyasumi Ramen in San Juan!

Neil Writes About Oyasumi Ramen
The Signage is a little hard to find when driving from Wilson street.

The Ambiance

I googled the address of Oyasumi and I invited my siblings to come with. When we arrived we were surprised at how simple the modern aesthetics Oyasumi has erected. It's all the details, minimalism at its finest. Brushed concrete Walls and ceiling with steel and wooden made furnishings.

Neil Writes About Oyasumi Ramen Whatneilwritesabout.com
Simple Steel and Wooden Furnishings!

As you open the door to the entrance you get a peak at the kitchen itself which is in front of the bar for those who just want to have ramen and go. There are long tables at the second floor for those looking to be in a group and want to stay a while. To our surprise when we found our seats at the second floor, they were screening via projector a Japanese film. (I'll give you a hint: 'Hiten Mitsurigi-Ryu')

The fusion of two classics from Filipino and Japanese Cuisines, the La Paz Ramen!

The Food

What separates Oyasumi from the rest is their unique Ramen offerings like the Tomato Ramen(the banner picture and the La Paz Ramen above. The tomato added a different depth of flavor combination that I think feels off where sourness of the tomatoes was conflicting with the rest of dish. The La Paz Ramen however was amazing, the natural thick Ramen base blends wonderfully with the saltiness of the pork rinds (chicharon) shavings of the La Paz Batchoy that gives you that satisfying warm feeling in your belly. When eaten with the noodles and liver chops it becomes heavenly as the liver serves to contrast the saltiness and the umami perfectly. What takes the cake is that it never feels oily. I wanted more but I was full.

What I found constant in all their dishes is how perfectly cooked the eggs are. The outside is firm enough to keep it together but soft enough to be opened with a chop stick. When you do open it, you will see how from the firm outer surface, it softens to a fluffy consistency as you get deeper in to the liquid core. Once you've popped the eggs it usually adds another layer of flavor, may it be the pepper ramen, the ikei, the tomato or the La Paz Ramen.

Neil Writes About Oyasumi Ramen Whatneilwritesabout.com
Intense seasoning that pulls out the flavors of each ingredient!

The Pepper Ramen in contrast was intense, the peppers really brought out the flavors of the base, miso, vegetables and the pork slices that explode in your mouth. It was the type of intensity that I had to keep devouring a scoop non stop. My only regret is that oral cavities couldn't take the irritation from the pepper even though I wanted more of it.

I encourage you to come to Oyasumi and take the Ramen strangest to you. They let you pick which noodles you can have like black ink noodles, matcha noodles or even curry noodles.

The Iekei rooted from the classic Yokohama traditional Ramen!

 The Service

When we arrived at the door we were greeted warmly by the signature 'Irasshaimase!' and were asked if we had a reservation. We said that we reserved a table for five and promptly lead to our table. They gave us our menu and recommended their best dishes while serving us tea.

The dishes we ordered came ten (10) minutes afterwards. We dug in and they stood their and did their job to wait and see if we need any special service. They really pay attention whenever our drinks run out and they fill it up again.

Their service is the standard polite and customer centric Japanese signature hospitality. Up until now, I have no complaints.

Downstairs is where the bar and kitchen resides

The Price

Ramen starts at Php 350.00 while the Cha Soba starts at Php 170.00. Additional ingredients like eggs or chashus can go from Php 30.00 up to Php 120.00. They also have an option to turn your left over soup into a cheesy risotto that sets you back Php 60.00. In general the prices for their dishes are on the more affordable side as compared to the Ramen establishments in Malls.

The Verdict

What We LIKED:
  • We can watch Japanese movies while eating!
  • The Eggs are absolutely wonderful!
  • Unique Ramen Variations!
  • Option to turn left over soup into a Cheesy Risotto (It depends on your personal preference)

What We Almost LIKED:
  • Flavored Noodles are a hit or a miss
  • The Pepper from the Pepper ramen brings out wonderful flavors from the dish but can irritate the insides of your mouth
  • Parking can be a problem

Do you want to Contact 'Oyasumi Ramen?'
Address: 308 P. Guevarra st. corner Seaview St. San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone number: (02) 275-0309
Facebook: Oyasumi Ramen Facebook Page

Instagram: @OyasumiRamen
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 11AM to 10PM


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