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August 04, 2015

Neil Writes About EDSA Beverage Design Group's YKW Coffee

Neil Writes About EDSA Beverage Design Group's YKW Coffee Slider

When I began my foray into specialty coffee, I thought I had finally found a coffee shop that served wonderful cups of caffeine water that was near my workplace. Unfortunately, as we discussed in my Department of Coffee article, DOC was moving and I had to quickly fill that void. I turned to Google.

So I did a google search of coffee shops nearby. I was in luck there were several of them in the vicinity. Some had their own websites and some had not. One in particular was EDSA beverage design group. It had this refined aesthetic feel to it that got me curious, and so I went in for a visit.

I took note of their address and planned my route with Google Maps. The landmarks were a Shell Gasoline station that was a little away from Connecticut street corner EDSA and the Sambokojin beside a Kia and Mazda dealership. In between those landmarks is the CLMC building with a Metrobank at the ground floor and design studio at the second floor. 

Neil Writes About EDSA Beverage Design Group's YKW Coffee Ambiance
The Arena sits at the center of the studio where most of the beverages are made.

The Ambiance

When I arrived at the CLMC building, I saw three establishments on the ground floor, a Metrobank on the right, a Tile Gallery on the left, and EDSA BDG in the middle. It's quite easy to spot because the facade is basically a glass window and a huge glass door with their motto 'In Pursuit of the Noble Beverage.'

As you step inside the first thing you'll see on your left is the Roasting Lab and a lot of containers. This is where they roast the beans. At the end of the hallway is the stairway into the studio.

As you reach the end of the stairway is the Logo of the company ready to greet you. On your left are the different coffee and beverage making instruments that they sell which is complete with price lists.  On your right is the the studio, specifically the Arena where most beverages are made fresh as you order.

The studio is divided into sections that cater to your current mood. Each section maintains the artistic, repurposed aesthetic but gives emphasis on the customers needs like the one with a couch, the one with the work desk, the one with the bar counter and the al fresco set up.

Neil Writes About EDSA Beverage Design Group's YKW Coffee

The Coffee, The Beverages and The Service

If you look closely the arena is with little obstructions that encourages interaction with the EBDG's team. In fact they are really courteous and open to your questions and curiosities about their services and expertise. 

YKW beans are a mix between single origin beans like the Carmen Estate Panama beans and blends like the Dark Matter Theory and Winds of Winter that I had at Satchmi and the Curtator

You have a choice to have your coffee as a shot...

I personally love the latest blend of Dark Matter Theory for its balance. Normally when I have my cup of Joe, I take little sips but Whenever I have the DMT, I end up drinking a third of the glass full of it. It is just so smooth especially when made into a Latte. 

Neil Writes About EDSA Beverage Design Group's YKW Coffee
...or the choice of a Latte!
They also serve dishes that match their coffee, craft sodas and better common cocktails. Feel free to ask the team if you feel like your confused with your beverage or your meal pairings.

Below is a sneak peek at how they do their magic in the studio. 

Aside from their coffee, they serve other beverages like the craft soda line COO (a play on CO2), the Better Common Cocktails and the TBGB Ginger beer.

I've had the Long Tory Better Common Cocktail that hits you with a hard buzz while going down your throat smoothly, and the PCR COO craft soda which is a totally new way of refreshing yourself. You may stop drinking mainstream sodas like Coke and Pepsi if you keep on having this.
A new way to refresh yourself with the PCR! (Pamplemousse, Citron and Rose)

The Price

Their espresso coffee starts at Php 100.00 and can move up to Php 120.00 for their Latte. Their craft soda and craft beers start at Php 250.00 per bottle and can max out at Php 300.00. They serve pasta like Gnocchi and Aglio Oglios that start at Php 280.00 and can max out to Php 450.00 like the poached salmon with citrus Vinaigrette.

Do you want to Contact 'EDSA Beverage Design Group'
Address: 209 Edsa Southbound CLMC Building, Mandaluyong City
Telephone number: (02) 631-9035

Website: www.edsa-bdg.com
Instagram: @edsabdg

 Operating Hours: Mon-Sat: 10AM to 11PM; Sun:10AM to 7PM


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